Recommended Links and Publications

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Additional Links

WWPD - Crime Victim Services

The Walla Walla Police Deparment offers a Crime Victim Advocacy Program to victims of crime in Walla Walla County. The victims advocates have received specialized training in senior fraud and identity theft issues.


Get information on non-profit organizations BEFORE you send them any money.

Joint venture by federal law enforcement and industry task force. "Take Our Test" to see if you are a potential victim.

National Insurance Crime Bureau

Check this site before you buy a used vehicle. You can check the VIN number for free to determine if the vehicle has been stolen or deemed a salvage by a participating member insurer.

Yello Dyno

Protecting children from child predators and people who mean them harm. Teach your children about stranger danger using a non-fearful method.

Friends of Children of Walla Walla

Friends is a local non-profit organization that matches adult volunteers with children 6-17 years old in need of a safe, consistent adult presence in their lives. Viist their website or contact them by phone at 509-527-4545.

STOP Medicare Fraud

US Department of Health & Human Services and US Department of Justice site.

National Crime Prevention Council

Resources, programs, training, and more.

Domestic Violence

The Walla Walla Police Departmnet has over 1,000 contacts with domestic violence a year. One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. If you, or someone you know, is a victim of domestic violence or at risk, seek assistance now.

Red flags that you may be at risk:

  • Physical violence, pushing, shoving, or hitting.
  • The destruction of your personal property - tearing up of wedding photos, your wedding dress, etc.
  • If the person will not take no for an answer
  • A fast paced relationship.

What can you do:

  • Contact the WWPD Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Officer at 509-527-4434. Visit the WWPD Website.
  • Take a free threat assessment on-line at This free assessment could save your life.
  • See YWCA Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services for information on counseling, support groups, legal and medical advocacy and shelter services. You can also contact them by phone - Office: (509) 525-2570 or Crisis: (509) 529-9922


Walla Walla has a growing number of gang members (estimates are between 300 - 500) and an increase in gang activity.

How to tell if your child might be affiliated with a gang. Kids join gangs:

  • to belong to a group
  • for excitement
  • for protection
  • to earn money
  • to be with friends

Parents are the first line of defense. It is the responsibility of every parent to let their child know that they are loved and that you are concerned about their welfare.

If you suspect that your child may have joined a gang and need assistance, contact the WWPD crime prevention office at 509-525-3342.